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Amour Amour


Patou at home with those who make home.
For the care worth caring for,
For our mothers - and fathers,
For the love of Patou and for our loved ones too..
Amour Amour,
From our Patou Family to yours!


The Patou Team celebrates Mother's Day with Amour Amour.

Marion (PR Director) and James, Sophie (CEO) and Léon
Le-Hoa (Collection Director), Jules and Oscar
Hugues (Photographer), Clelia and Iris
Matt (Technology Manager) and Olive
Marine (Fabrics R&D Manager) and Raphaël
Alice (Freelance Designer), Ange-Lino, Aliocha and Simona
Raquel (Product Manager) and Céleste

They all posed at home with their Amour Amour T-shirt,
100% organic cotton, available in black or white, short or long sleeves.

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